Make Money From Link Shortening Sites, Earn Money By Shortening Links

link shortening

link shortening sites Thanks to this, a solution can be created for long links. What is link shortening in this guide? How to shorten URL? Which link shortening companies make the most money? you will have learned.

In this article, you will find very useful information about the most profitable link shortening sites operating on the Internet.

Also no ads link shortening services make money on the internet possible. Link shortening sites are a source of income for those who want to earn passive income and earn money by shortening links.

However, as in all matters, it is useful to be careful in choosing a link shortening site. Of course, reliability should be prioritized in the selection of a link shortening service.

Earnings ratio is also one of the factors to be considered. I have reviewed the most reliable and most profitable link shortening sites for you and have listed them item by item below.

There are many options as a link shortening service.

To help you find the best, leading and best link shorteners I sorted and reviewed. This review is based on ease of use, features, support, pricing, and more.

Best Link Shortening Sites

1. TRLink

trlink shortening site
trlink shortening site

It is a Turkish company that has been providing uninterrupted service for four years. It is a service that is used quite a lot by users, where you can earn nice earnings.

Makes a complete count. They instantly deposit your earnings into your account through Papara. There are many different payment methods. If you wish, they can even transfer money to your account.

  • When your earnings reach 30 TL, you can get paid with Webmoney and Crypto money.
  • When it reaches 50 TL, you can get paid with Papara and Payeer.
  • When it reaches 100 TL, you can get paid as İninal, Perfectmoney and bank transfer.

TR Link Monetization, What is it? How to Become a Member?

Login to TR.Link site. on the top right of the home page "Register" Click the phrase. Fill in your information and complete the registration process.

After logging in with your information, you will see a page like the one below. Since this is a Turkish interface, I won't go into too much detail.

link shortening sites that make money trlink
link shortening sites that make money trlink

My accumulated balance 104,55 TL. I didn't delete it on purpose. Just in case you think that I can't make money or make money, let it stay here.

What are TR Link Earnings Rates?

EN Link earning rates by clicking here you can reach. Earnings rates vary by country and by click. TR Link is one of the most reliable link shortening sites that allow you to earn money.


bcvc link shortener site
bcvc url shortening site

It is perhaps one of the most used and proven link shortening sites in Turkey. In particular, it manages to make payments on time and attract users with CPM rates.

Advertisements are designed in such a way that they do not overwhelm the visitors. The site also has a reference system. You can get extra commission from users coming from your referral link.

Payment methods: You can use Payoneer, Bitcoin, Bank options. Users who can reach the payment limits are automatically paid every 7 days.

You do not need a foreign bank account. They deposit your money directly into your bank account in Turkey.

Payment lower limits are as follows;

  • Bank Account: $10
  • Bitcoin: $10
  • Payoneer: $50

Reminder! Sharing and attempts such as adult content sharing and hit sending, revealing content sharing and hit sending, encouraged clicks, fake traffic, macro traffic, violent content on are grounds for ban.


adfly link shortener site
adfly link shortener site

It is a foreign link shortening service. It has 5 million active members. It is a very simple service to use. When you become a member of this link shortening site, you can both provide traffic to your site and earn money by sharing the shortened links on social media platforms.

You shorten a link and share it on your Twitter account, and when people click on that link, you earn money. To get paid on 5 dollars minimum You must have won. Adfly monetization You can follow the steps below for the process.

So how will I receive payments?

PayPal is not available in Turkey. I don't think anyone knows this. Instead of Payoneer You can easily receive payments.

How to use? How do I become a member?

Visit the site. Located right on the home page "Join Now" Click the phrase.

adfly url shorten membership creation
adfly url shorten membership creation

The registration form will open in front of you. You can register by filling out the information here.

My advice to you is that you don't bother to fill in this information, and as you can see in the picture below, ”Sign in with Google” Clicking the button is to create a record with your gmail account.

Subscribe to adfly
Subscribe to adfly

After creating your registration, you will see a page like the one below. Here you can edit your account information and shorten the link.

Enter the link you want to shorten. "Shrink!" Just press the button.

how to shorten adfly link
how to shorten adfly link

After this process, the shortened link will appear as follows.

url shortening adfly
url shortening adfly

It is one of the link shortening sites that make money. You can use it with peace of mind.

How much does Adfly earn?

Adfly earns money based on your effort. You can earn more because it is based on dollars. The logic is the same on all link shortening sites. The more clicks you get, the more you can earn.


adcash link shortening service
adcash link shortening service

Adcash url shortening service has been around for 12 years. It is a foreign company. However, since it pays in dollars and euros, the rate of making money in this service is high.

It will always be the right decision to choose such companies when using URL shortening services. It has a worldwide coverage. When you earn money by shortening the link, you will get paid instantly.

How do I become a member?

Visit the Adcash site. Then in the top menu on the right "Register" Click the button.

A membership form will open in front of you as follows. Fill in your information and "Register" Click the button.

adcash url shorten sign up
adcash url shorten sign up

After registering and logging into your account, you will see a page like the one below.

in the menu here "Zones" When you click on the section that says, the section where you can perform your link shortening process opens.

how to shorten adcash url
how to shorten adcash url

Link shortening sites are very easy to use. Don't be fooled by the English interface, you can find everything with a few swipes.

5. shorte

short link shortener site
short link shortener site

This link shortening site, which has 1.5 million active users, is quite successful. It makes your payments instantly through a global and reliable payment platform.

You get paid when you shorten a link and click on someone. It can be provided with this URL shortening service to earn additional income and earn extra money.

You can easily receive your payments via Payoneer and Webmoney.

How do I become a member?

Visit From the menu at the top of the page that opens "Join" Click the button.

You can fill in your information or sign up directly with your Google account.

Subscribe to shorte url shortening site
Subscribe to shorte url shortening site

After completing the registration process and logging into your account, a page like the one below will open in front of you. Here, the area I circled in yellow shows the panel where you can perform the link shortening operation.

You can simply shorten the link and start making money.

Why Link Shortening?

You can get many advantages by using link shortening services. The shortening process, which is a hyperlink technique and used to shorten URLs, helps you reach websites faster. We can list the reasons for the link shortening process, which provides a functional innovation in the internet environment and provides easy use, as follows:

Visual Anxiety: Links that are not only used in the internet world are also included in different media formats for advertising and similar purposes. It can be used in media such as magazines, newspapers, books and billboards. Users who follow these media outlets “” Presenting a long and complex link like this does not look aesthetically pleasing. URL shorteners make links more visually readable.

Easy-to-Use Experience: While shortened links can be easily placed in a single text file, they can be copied and used with one click. It offers an easy-to-use feature by enabling your content to be shared more conveniently and quickly. It makes your job easier by enabling you to reach your users with an uncomplicated link connection. Moreover shortening process that allows you to increase the clickthrough and conversion rate of your websiteIt is used quite often by many site owners.

Statistics: With link shortening sites, you can track the data of your link and find out how many clicks you have received from which channels. You can also manage your website more professionally. In order to see these statistics, you need to be a member of the website you shortened and enter the interface. Thanks to such statistics, you can make improvements by controlling the traffic of your site and determine the popularity of the content you publish.

Character Limitation: The character limit in social media platforms, SMSs and similar areas prevents links from being shared for a long time. Because all the characters in the links are reduced from the character limit. Link shortening sites help you to share quickly with a lower number of characters in such situations.

What is a Link (URL)?

URL, which is one of the most widely used concepts among internet terms, is a tool that allows you to enter websites through characters arranged in a certain format and in a standard way. "Uniform Resource Locator" Turkish translation of the expansion “The Uniform Resource Locator” is defined as. Link shortening operation makes the URL in the standard structure become shorter.

URL, HTTP and HTTPS with security protocols such as FTP It allows you to have information about the file transfer commands called URL, domain, subdomain, domain extension, file extension and country extension It consists of various components such as The URL used to locate a resource uploaded to the Internet is generally generated from a combination of four different parts, with a maximum limit of 2083 characters.

About Link Shortening Sites: FAQ

You can have more experience by reviewing frequently asked questions about link shortening sites.

What is CPM?

It shows the estimated earnings you will get for one thousand clicks.

Does google link shortener work?

The Google link shortening service was terminated on April 13, 2018. For this reason, there is no such link shortening service.

How to shorten YouTube link?

You can shorten the URL of Youtube videos. For this, it is sufficient to add the part after the equal (=) sign in the URL address to the end of the abbreviation.


Long Form:

Short Form:

If you are using a mobile application and do not want to deal with copy-paste. You can copy this address from the section that opens by clicking the share link. In the application, after tapping the Share button, select the Link option from the menu and the copied URL will be the shortened URL directly.

What is link shortening?

Link shorteningallows you to share the original link length by shortening it with certain tools. It offers great convenience to the user by reducing a long link link to an average of 15 characters. 

The abbreviation process, which acts as an additional address by redirecting to the relevant web page, is also translated as "" in shorteris called ”.

It allows you to share with shorter links, especially on social media platforms with character limitations.

Because URLs that contain too many components can be stuck in the character limit on social media and similar platforms. 

This situation causes users to experience some difficulties while sharing. Link shortening, which you can easily do thanks to many tools with a simple user interface, also allows you to share your content more quickly.

For example, a user who shares on Twitter cannot convey the desired message to his followers in an explanatory way due to the long link he wants to add as a source. In this case URL shortening sites By using it, he can both reduce the number of characters and convey the message he wants to give to his followers. In such cases, you can shorten your long link link and easily share it wherever you want.

What is TRLink?

TRlink is a link shortening site. It is frequently used in Turkey due to its Turkish user interface. They also make regular payments. This is the company I use.

How to make money with link shortening?

You can earn money by making people click on the link it will give you after using the url shortening options in the infrastructure of the url shortening site you are using.

How much does link shortening earn?

With URL shortening, it is not impossible to earn 5-10 thousand TL per month depending on your ability and the audience you can reach.

I shared the most reliable ad-free link shortening sites with you. With these special link shortening services, you can make your dream of making money online come true. It is a good source of income, especially for students, housewives, and those who actively use social media.

Helping your users share your content faster URL shortening allows you to generate a short URL structure consisting of simple words, allowing you to get rid of complex letter combinations. 

You can increase both your readability and traffic with readable and understandable short links, and you can ensure that your users can find and use your website more easily.

There are Bitly and Yandex url shortening sites, but the services I shared above are the most reliable link shortening sites and provide more income.

Link shortening sites can leave really nice incomes in terms of monetization. Making money by shortening links is a job that anyone can easily do.


I also actively use the address shortening services that I have shared. I recommend it to you too. For those looking for an ad-free link shortening service, I recommend the following sites.

Ad-free link shortening sites;

  • TRLink
  • Bitly
  • TinyURL
  • Rebrandly

Also, do not forget to indicate your questions and opinions on this subject in the comment area. Please share the article on your social media accounts to support me. Thank you.


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